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Our History

       Grace Chapel has a rich history.  A news article from the 1920s says, "The little church at Rome Corners that has served its parish for almost 50 years ... has been moved from Rome to Tussic Street near Cole's Corners."  John Gregg purchased the land and sold it in 1920 for $1.00 for Grace Chapel Church to be built.

       Then, the building was taken apart and moved down Worthington-Galena Road by teams of horses and wagons.  It was a mud road.  At one point, the church members had to leave it on the road because it was too muddy.  The move to Tussic took many months.

        Once it was successfully moved and rebuilt, Rev. Frank McEntire held the church's dedication ceremony on June 17th, 1923.  Rev. McEntire was the first pastor of Grace Chapel, and he served for many years.  After this, Grace Chapel had many student pastors but none full time, until Pastor James Meacham.

        Pastor James Meacham was a college student when he was hired to be Grace Chapel's full time pastor in 1966.  He was the first full time Pastor in 50 years.  Under his leadership, the church building was renovated with additions.  Also, recreational buildings were added.

        Later, his son, Pastor Doug Meacham, took over as head pastor.  He is the current Pastor today.  We are proud of our history and thankful to God for his providence and grace.

If you would like to come tour the place, let us know!
Email, call, or text us, and we would be happy to give you a tour of our historic building.

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